Dr. Vipin Sehgal, Senior Plastics & Reconstruction Surgeon and Eye Surgeon, Dr. Arpit Pavaiya successfully completed operation of eye damage due to attack by a dog of Rottweiler variety. The 7-year-old child had suffered injuries in the eye due to dog bite. The operation that was carried out at Yashoda Hospital and Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad went on for more than 2 hours. Seven-year-old Aarav, a resident of Sector 23 Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad, due to being attacked by the dog had suffered muscle injury towards the right side of the eye and further his eyeball got exposed to the environment. Surgeons repaired the damage caused in the muscles.
The incident took place on April 4 at 5:30, the child was immediately  brought to the Emergency of Yashoda Hospital and was admitted. After all the tests, the child was operated on April 5, 2018. The child was discharged after two or three days of the operation. He came to the hospital OPD on April 14 where the doctors examined him and declared that the child was able to see all the things normally again and his vision is again back to normal.
Dr Sehgal said that the eye muscles, and the eyeball has been set in its place and gradually the stitches are also cut opened. He pointed out that due to the cut of the muscles and the displacement of the flesh, eyeball had been displaced from its usual place. The cut flesh and the muscles were restored during surgery and the eye was restored to its place.
Dr. Amit Pavaiya said that the child might require two to three more surgeries to stem the loss of the muscles and to correct the damage in  the arteries. Chandra Prakash, who was looking after the child, told that the child has already improved considerably and there is good recovery in the condition of the child’s eyes and he is feeling well.
The father of the child, Suresh Sharma said that the Rottweiler disliked playing the whistle and on April 4 as Aarav played the whistle again and again in his ear, he attacked the whistle thereby accidentally biting Aarav as well and this led to flesh around the eye coming out.


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