A team of Lajpat Nagar cops, South-East District busted an international drugs trafficking racket and attained a major success with the arrest of 2 Afghan nationals involved in drug peddling namely Abdul Salam Rehmani, 33 and Abdul Hakim Junaidi, 33. The police team had recovered 60 capsules of heroine (weighing 475 gms) and 60 capsules of methaqualone drugs (weighing 425 gms) from the accused persons.

A vigil was kept on the activities of some suspicious persons by SHO/ Lajpat Nagar Inspector Pankaj Malik and he gathered information about them. Information about drugs smuggling was received and the said information was further developed. On April 11, on the basis of concrete information a team led by Inspector Pankaj Malik comprising SIs Subhash Chand, constables Vineet, Vishal and Shimbhu Dayal was constituted under the supervision of Brijinder Singh, ACP/ Lajpat Nagar.

The police team laid a trap near Jal Vihar, Lajpat Nagar and at about 1 am, two men were seen coming from railway track side. On seeing the police party both the accused tried to flee away but the police team overpowered and apprehended them. From the search of both the persons 60 capsules wrapped in a toffee like pattern were recovered from the possession of each accused. On testing the capsules through field testing kit the recovered drugs were tested as heroine and methaqualone. The weight of the seized heroine drug recovered from 60 capsules which were in possession of accused Abdul Salam Rehmani was found to be 475 gms. Drug methaqualone recovered from 60 capsules which were in possession of accused Abdul Hakim Junaidi was found to be 425 gms. In this regard, a case under NDPS Act was registered at PS Lajpat Nagar and both the accused persons were arrested and recovered drugs was seized.


During interrogation accused Abdul Salam Rehmani disclosed that he worked as a rickshaw puller at his native place and his associate namely Abdul Hakim Junaidi runs a small departmental shop. They both wanted to earn quick money and around 4-5 months ago they met one Mohammad Shahi in Afghanistan and he offered them to smuggle drugs capsules from Afghanistan by swallowing them and expel once they reach their destination in India. They further disclosed that their handler had assured them that these capsules would be wrapped in a multilayer of polythene and would harm them if they consume it. Since, both the accused persons were economically weak and in order to earn quick money they agreed to smuggle the drugs consignment. They both were paid in USD for this consignment.

The accused persons procured tourist visa and came to Delhi in January 2018. They stayed in Lajpat Nagar and returned after recce. On April 7, Abdul Salam Rehmani arrived and once he reached Delhi safely on April 9, Abdul Hakim Junaidi also arrived at Delhi. Before departing, they both consumed 60 capsules each wrapped in a multilayer polythene and each capsule contained 7-8 gms of drugs. After safely reaching their destination both the accused expelled the drugs capsules. Both the accused were waiting in Kasturba Nagar for their unknown receiver to collect the consignment from them.




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