Four people including two children died in a blaze at Kohat Enclave in North West Delhi. The fire apparently started due to short circuit and soon engulfed the five-story building as well as 4-5 cars parked outside. The fire started around 2.40 am on Friday. There were 21 persons inside the building out of which 17 managed to come out; however 5 persons got trapped inside. One of them 90-yr-old nonagenarian manage to survive while four people of the same family died due to asphyxiation.

Rakesh Nagpal, 40, Tina 37, Himanshu 7 and Shreya 3 died due to being trapped inside. All of them tried to escape but could not as the swiftly spreading fire and smoke choked them before they could evacuate the building. The fire fighters had to toil for more than 90 minutes to douse the fire, it was reported.

Recently, fire in a shoe factory at Sultanpuri had snuffed out the life of 4 workers. With the heat on with the onset of summers, installing reliable fire fighting will be a challenge for the government and the residents alike. reporter


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