A team of cops of Police Station Jahangir Puri arrested one Sachin Goel, resident of Jahangir Puri Delhi, 32, in a case registered vide under JJ Act & 188 IPC at PS Jahangir Puri.

On April 8, two children aged 12 yrs were apprehended by constable Ajeet at Mangal Bazaar Road, Jahangir Puri while inhaling Omni fluid (Salochan) for self intoxication. Upon further enquiry, these children revealed that they had purchased Omni fluid “tubes” from the nearby stationery shop being run in the name of “Sachin Book Depot” at H2 Block, Jahangir Puri and then they led the police party to the said book depot situated in Jahangir Puri.

The shop owner was identified by the two children as the one who had been selling them “Omni” tubes for intoxication purpose for 4-5 months. As there was strong apprehension that the shop owner Sachin was in possession of huge quantity of such Omni tubes and he may remove the stock from the shop immediate action is not taken, therefore, without losing time, a raid was conducted at the said shop by police party in the supervision of SHO/Jahangir Puri with two independent public witnesses in the presence of shop owner/accused Sachin and his father Rajkumar.

During search, total 550 tubes having mark of Omni Tyre & Tube repair patches (chemical vulcanizing fluid) kept in 3 cartons were recovered. These were seized. On April 9, both the children were produced before CWC/ Alipur, where also they disclosed that they usually purchased the “Omni” tubes (inhaling Salochan) from this particular shop in Jahangir Puri. Subsequently, a case was registered a case under JJ Act against Sachin, owner of Sachin Book Depot, Jahangir Puri for selling correction fluids/ whiteners/ thinners/diluters and vulcanized solution or sulochan to children below the age of 18 yrs.


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