District administration in Ghaziabad is on an overdrive to fight encroachment and traffic jams; at least this is what it appears from the frequent meetings nowadays, that focus on violations of guidelines by commercial establishments and also motorists who are hindering traffic in many cases.

DM Ritu Maheshwari holding meeting with senior admin and police officials

Yesterday only, the District Magistrate (DM), Ritu Maheshwari gave instructions to all departments concerned (especially Nagar Nigam and GDA) to see that no commercial establishment carry out their business activities beyond red lines that ought to be drawn out in front of shops and such establishments. (read: http://delhincrnews.in/2018/03/20/ghaziabad-red-strips-to-be-put-up-to-demarcate-commercial-areas/).

Now the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) will oversee that no vendors, hawkers and stall owners—who encroach upon the road space thereby choking traffic—are allowed to do so. To this effect the DM today held a meeting in which Municipal Commissioner, Chandra Prakash Singh and newly inducted SSP of Ghaziabad, Vaibhav Krishna along with SP Traffic were present.

The DM also said that unipoles, banners, stickers and polythene and such items should not be allowed to pollute the environment.

For such hawkers and vendors the GNN will impose a fine that will amount to a minimum of Rs 1,500 and will go up to Rs 2,000 on violation of provisions of Uttar Pradesh Path Vikreta (Jeevika Sarakshan Aur Path Vikray Viniman 2017).

SP Traffic apprised the DM that the traffic personnel are taking action by towing away the vehicles parked along roads to the nearest police post or police station and are imposing a fine starting from Rs 100 under MV Act and a further ‘crane’ charge of Rs 200, but despite this various motorists are repeating such offences.

Hence, it was decided in the meeting that this fine will now be increased to Rs 2,500 for heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, dumper among others; Rs 2,000 for medium vehicles like Tata 407 etc; Rs 1,000 for cars, jeep and SUVs; and, Rs 200 for bikes and scooters. The increase in fine could well act as a deterrent for such people not to repeat such offences.

Frequent reports of illegal parkings on public spaces by owners of malls and shops will now attract heavy fines as these often hinder smooth flow of traffic and restrict pedestrian movement. Malls and commercial centres outside which designated public spaces are encroached upon by illegal vendors and stall owners will be fined a minimum of Rs 10,000 that will go up to Rs 50,000. Also any person/organization found to be putting up banners, hoardings etc would be fined up to Rs 5,000 under the Nagar Nigam Act of 1959.

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