We often ask questions such as- Why am I unhappy/stressed? How do I cope with emotions, difficult situations and peer pressure? Why do people behave the way they do? Psychology – the science of mind and behaviour – can provide meaningful answers. A psychology degree that brings together the modern perspective as well as the ancient Indic perspective on the mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), ego (ahankara) and consciousness (chitta), provides a fresh holistic dimension. Moreover, when offered under the science stream, it enables undiluted study with a research aptitude. The B.Sc. Integral Psychology program by MIT School of Vedic Sciences (MITSVS) endeavours to precisely achieve this under mainstream education in the serene MIT-ADT University campus, Pune. This was stated through a press statement of Atul Sathe, Content Developer-Curriculum & PR, MIT Group.

Why psychology?

Psychology is one of the most interesting fields of study because it is about “us”; about perception, imagination, dreams, love, hate, morality, happiness and depression. It is about everything that matters to humans and gives us clarity about our own self, along with insights into others’ behaviour and mental processes. Hence, it is both, a thriving academic discipline and a vital profession.

Vedic angle to psychology

The 21st century demands skilful balancing of technological and economic progress and sustainability on the social, environmental and ethical fronts. Only an all-inclusive approach that combines modern science with ancient spiritual science can create a win-win situation. Since all achievements emanate from human thought, psychology has a major role to play in this. There is growing interest among youngsters to study India’s native scientific knowledge, since they have understood its value and practical utility and wish to apply it in daily life for greater efficiency and sustainability.

Dr Sai Susarla, Dean, MITSVS explains, “Integral psychology encompasses various relevant disciplines like sociology, communication and statistics, along with Vedic inputs from Sankhya, Upanishads, Vyaakarana, Panch Kosha Theory and Ashrama Theory. The program at MITSVS does not spoon-feed the students, but instead trains them to navigate the modern and Vedic knowledge ecosystems for further research and practice.”

Admissions for the 3-year full-time B.Sc. are now open for the academic year 2018-19. Students can contact the college on info.mitsvs@gmail.com.


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