Gurugram: Residents unite to recycle e-waste

Solid Waste Awareness & Action Forum (SAAF), a citizen’s collective of Gurugram formed to work towards finding sustainable waste management solutions for the city has partnered with Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and Namo E-Waste Management Ltd, an authorised e-waste recycling company to launch a month-long city-wide e-waste campaign called  ‘Our City, Our Responsibility: Erase Your E-Waste Responsibly’. This campaign is focusing on creating awareness regarding e-waste in residential communities, market places and schools. An e-waste collection drive is being implemented over the next 3 weeks at different places across the city. The aim of this campaign is to ensure reduction in e-waste reaching the landfill and the unorganized sector. This information was shared through a press release.

The press statement further said: “As responsible citizens of Gurugram, let us all be part of this e-waste campaign called ‘Our City, Our Responsibility: Erase Your E-Waste Responsibly’. Let us stop throwing e-waste generated in our homes (bulbs, tube-lights, batteries, chargers, mobile phones and consumer durables) and work places in the dustbin or giving it to the Kabariwalas. Let us store it separately and give it away responsibly during this campaign.”

Campaign Highlights

  • The e-waste campaign has already begun with an awareness drive conducted with students in Shiv Nadar School in DLF Phase I and Senior Citizens in the Senior Citizen Club DLF Community Centre -2.
  • A number of residential communities in DLF phase 5, DLF phase 3, DLF phase 1, DLF phase 4, Suncity in Sector 54, Nirvana Country, condos in Sector 59 near Golf Course extension road are having the e-waste awareness and collection drives over the next 2 weekends – this coming weekend (March 17-18, 2018) and next weekend (March 24-25, 2018). The reporter can visit these condos and take pictures of the residents handling over their e-waste to authorised e-waste company and interview residents and SAAF team members there.
  • Today (Saturday) the e-waste collection happened in Wellington estate (full day, 10 am to 5 pm), Trinity Towers (10 am– 12 pm) and Exclusive Floors (3 – 5 pm) in DLF phase 5.
  • On March 18, Sunday, the e-waste collection is happening in Garden Estate, DLF phase 3 opposite Guru Dronacharya metro station (full day, 10 am to 5 pm) and Silver Oaks in DLF phase 1 (3:30 – 5:30 pm). Contact SAAF team member – Keshav Jaini, Garden Estate – 9313979994, Smita Ahuja: Silver Oaks, DLF phase 1 – 9818661408.
  • On March 24, Saturday next week, the e-waste collection is happening in Beverly Park 2 next to MGF metropolitan mall on MG road, Tata Raisina Residency, Sector 59 (full day, 10 am to 5 pm), Pioneer Park in Sector 59 (10:30 am – 12:30 pm) and North Close apartments in Nirvana Country (3:30 – 5:30 pm) in DLF phase 5. Contact SAAF team members – Smita Ahuja: Tata Raisina Residency and Pioneer Park, Sector 59 – 9818661408, Gauri: Beverly Park 2 – 9818499434
  • On March 25, Sunday next week, the e-waste collection is happening in Suncity, Sector 54 (full day, 10 am to 5 pm), Regency Park 2 in DLF Phase 4 (11am – 1 pm) and Richmond Park in DLF 4 (2 to 4 pm). Contact SAAF team members – Smita Ahuja: Suncity, Sector 54 – 9818661408, Monika Khanna Gulati: Nirvana Country – 9810299796, Veena: Richmond Park – 9958422766.

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