Shooting of Hindi feature film titled ‘Elevator- a deadly lift experience’, has been taking place at Krishna Madhav Society, Chhaprola, Greater Noida since the past several days. The film is directed by Shammi Chhabra, who is director/writer/ad maker and himself playing the lead role, said a press statement.

The film is being produced by Chhabra Films with Anik R Verma as the cameraman. Rupaa, Bengali actress, will make her debut in Hindi films with this role, the statement further said. The film has a message according to its makers- of water conservation, Safai Abhiyaan and digitalization. They have termed it as a grey musical thriller film with a social message.

In the next few days the film will be shot in various locales of Uttar Pradesh like Ghaziabad, Garh Ganga in Hapur till April 4. reporter


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