Three fraudsters were arrested by a team of cops, from Police Station Mahendra Park who cheated people on the pretext of changing foreign currency for Indian rupees. They targeted auto/taxi drivers by approaching them and taking them into confidence by showing them foreign currency, it was informed by office of Aslam Khan, DCP (North-West).

An auto driver namely Sallu Singh reported that on March 10 at Fatehpuri Stand near old Delhi Railway Station one women approached him.  She handed over to him a 20 US dollar note and assured him that she has many such dollar notes which she found in a dump yard. She can give the same in exchange of a cheap price near her residence in Ramgarh, Jahangir Puri Delhi. The auto driver reached the said area with Rs. 1 lakh in Indian currency and met the woman who was present there with two more persons. Complainant handed over Rs. 1 lakh to those persons and they also handed over one packet in exchange with a dollar note on top. When he checked the packet he found that there was only one dollar in the packet with newspaper pieces in the shape of dollar in the stock below. A case was registered at Police Station Mahendra Park and the investigation was taken up.

A team was formed led by Kumar Abhishek, ACP/UT working as SHO/ Mahendra Park consisting of, Inspr. Dhananjay Gupta, ATO- Mahendra Park, ASI Narain Dass, ASI Gajender Singh, HC Anil, Ct Pardeep under the overall supervision of Utkrisht Prasoon, IPS, ACP/ Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. The cops apprehended one woman identified as Mukta Begum of Jahangir Puri, Delhi and her husband namely Kalu Sheikh. The team further apprehended two more associates of the two namely Ali Hussain and Mohammad Milan. All the three persons were resident of Jahagir Puri and used to frequently cheat persons with this modus operandi in Jahangir Puri and nearby areas.

One of the cheats used to act as deaf and dumb who tried to snatch the bundle to count the notes from it, in order to make the victim believe that the bundle of notes they had was indeed genuine and made entirely of foreign currency notes.


Recovery: The cops recovered one Nokia mobile used in crime; Rs. 1,38,220 Indian currency; four notes of twenty dollar each (80 dollars); ten notes of Saudi Rial in the denomination of 100 each (thousand Rial).



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