Perhaps for the first time in Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam’s (GNN) history, big defaulters who have not paid their dues accrued as taxes to the GNN are being dealt with an iron hand by Municipal Commissioner, Chandra Prakash Singh. In the latest incident, today at Kavi Nagar industrial area and Raj Nagar under Kavi Nagar Zone and subsequently at City Zone, led by officials Sudheer Sharma and Hari Kishan Gupta, the GNN initiated a drive for tax collection from the big defaulters. Similar drives were carried out in Mohan Nagar Zone.

In Kavi Nagar area two firms were asked to cough out Rs 4,29,000 each while one other had to pay Rs 1,85,362 as the pending tax dues. The GNN team also sealed premises of two shops, a parking and a workshop for not paying up tax dues to the tune of Rs 1,38,622.

In City Zone, at Mukundnagar, Bonjha and Patel Nagar the GNN staff cut the water and sewer connections of 4 houses whose owners had defaulted on house tax. Also in the same zone, on orders of the Municipal commissioner, Suresh Shop Factory at Banwari Nagar account in PNB was frozen as it failed to pay up an amount of Rs 1,79,351 due as house tax.

In Mohan Nagar Zone a similar tax recovery drive was carried out in which the GNN severed water and sewer connections of DLF School at Rajendra Nagar as it had a huge pending tax liability adding up to Rs 83 lakh. Thereafter, the school management promptly paid up a cheque of Rs 35 lakh at Mohan Nagar Zone office, after which their connection was restored by the GNN team. reporter




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