Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre at Nehru Nagar today organized a press meet on the eve of World Kidney Day to be commemorated tomorrow on March 8. On this occasion, the hospital will organise a free health check-up camp for women in which all information about kidney diseases and their treatment will be provided starting from 10 am to 2 pm. A pep talk on health will also be given around 12 pm.

Elaborating on the programme, Dr Q Hasnain and Dr Ravindra Singh Bhadauria said that 2018 is dedicated to  raising awareness about kidney diseases in women and we will be providing information on this topic to raise awareness about the prevalence of kidney diseases.

Both pointed out that a careless attitude as well as lack of treatment were the two greatest causes of kidney failures. They said that kidney stones, kidney cancer and kidney dysfunction are the main illness that people in India have and these can be tackled if treated on time. They added that treatment is available for these diseases.

Dr Bhadauria said that people in our country are indifferent to the onset of such diseases and hence are unable to remain fit. He also listed out several measures to prevent kidney diseases. These are: taking a balanced diet, maintain body weight, take less salt in food, take lots of fluids if suffering from dehydration, vomiting, loose motions or fever, do routing exercise, do not smoke or take tobacco in any form, do not take over-the-counter painkillers frequently, and, go for kidney function test.  

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