RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat exhorted a large congregation of more than 3 lakh people at Meerut on Feb. 25 to work for nation building at the Rashtrodaya event.

RSS workers from all over the country and especially West UP flocked to the venue to listen to what Bhagwat has to say. He said that the word kattar for Hindu is right in the sense as it means that we as Hindus are kattars (extremists) when it comes to following the principles of ahinsa (non-violence) and sahishrunta (tolerance). Bhagwat said that Hindu is a culture and not just a particular group of people or a religion. He said that the society needs to embrace everyone without any discrimination and this is the ideal that the RSS is working towards.

The RSS chief also remarked that India needs to show the right path to the whole world. He said that for Hindus there is no other country in the world they can go to and hence since ancient times India has been there home. So if anything wrong happens with the country Hindus will be held accountable and that is why Hindus should unite. Bhagwat also talked about the role the Sangh had played in social work in the country besides delving upon several other issues of national importance.

Sandeep Siddhartha, Senior Reporter


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