After Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s key aide VK Jain told a city court that AAP legislators indeed seemed to have beaten up Chief Secretary, Anshu Prakash the stand-off between Delhi Govt. civil servants and AAP has become murkier, according to press reports. Jain reportedly told the court that he could not see the full event as he had gone to the washroom, however when he returned he saw that the lawmakers were assaulting the chief secretary. After this all hell has broke loose with the IAS lobby in the capital openly coming out in protest against this treatment meted out to their highest officer. Meanwhile, police is at the CM’s house primarily to access the CCTV footage to get more insight on what transpired on the night of Monday, Feb. 19 when the whole incident is said to have taken place.

CM Kejriwal said dubbed this as a conspiracy to topple his government. Senior AAP functionaries described the incident as a concocted one and said that the police seem to be in a hurry to please their political masters. AAP neta Ashutosh said that this was happening at the behest of LG who is acting as the BJP’s agent.

Arvind Kejriwal has meanwhile asked the LG for an appointment alongwith other party leaders.


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