Indirapuram Police have rounded up 4 autolifters, namely Danish, Imran, Amir and Shahnawaz, all Ghaziabad residents, alongwith stolen vehicles, from near Kanawani Pusta area on Feb. 21, it was revealed by SP City, Akash Tomar today. The gang seemed to have a penchant for targeting e-rickshaws. Their modus operandi was to pose as patients and their attendants. They would book an e-rickshaw on pretext of going to hospitals or nursing homes. On reaching the medical facility the gang members would take the e-rickshaw driver along with them inside, while the remaining member/s would escape with the e-rickshaw parked outside.

Besides, the gang also stole bikes. The gang members would target bikes/ scooties parked near malls, markets, housing societies and commercial places. Once sure that nobody was watching hem they would use a master key to start the bike and escape with it. Thereafter, they would change the number plate of the stolen bike and would park them outside a housing society/commercial area and later on would dispose them to various buyers. The cops are investigating their role in other incidents of carjacking.

The gang has been found to be involved in at least 5 criminal cases at Indirapuram Police Station. The stolen vehicles recovered from them include 9 e-rickshaws, one bike and one auto, 3 scooties, alongwith a knife were recovered from their possession. bureau


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