Cambridge School Indirapuram (CSI), Ghaziabad organised an adventure camp for students of classes 3-5 on February 17 in association with Rocksport—an organization with an expertise in conducting adventure camps across schools in Delhi-NCR and northern India. The students had a taste of several adventure related activities at their school itself.

According to Headmistress of CSI, “In line with the school’s philosophy of promoting holistic development of a child such camps are crucial and hence it is the endeavour of the CSI to promote such events in the school campus for willing students (parents).” She added that such events foster team-work in students that is an important attribute to succeed in life.

Students enjoyed every bit of various activities that came their way, such as zorbing, zipline, climbing, Burma bridge, tug-of-war etc. For instance, zipline—where students had to descend from an altitude to ground below through the help of the ropes was quite an adventurous activity, that helped in confidence boosting.

Similarly, some activities such as rope climbing were strenuous and the instructors took care to see if the kids were up to the job or not.

Ishan from Rocksport said that “the module had 12 activities that the students were supposed to do so in 4 hrs.” “The aim of the camp is to foster a spirit of adventure in the students and get them to overcome their fear,” Ishan said, while adding “that although some risks are involved in doing some activities, we train students to deal with these risks.”

He said that such camps have been organized by Rocksport in Meerut, Bulandshahar, Kanpur, Jaipur, Punjab, among other regions. He also pointed out that certifications are also given to students who undergo training modules of 1.5 and above months.


Class teacher of 5B Reena Nehra said that the adventure camp in school is a good opportunity for kids to participate in an extra-curricular activity and such events help in boosting the students morale and confidence.

Students said they enjoyed every bit of camp activity

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