Staff of Police Station Khoda in Ghaziabad apprehended 2 notorious  autolifters today from near Aman Banquet hall. Both the accused were caught with stolen Creta car, bike and scooty each. These autolifters namely Vekky and Guddu were active in Delhi-NCR, it was informed by SP City, Akash Tomar.

The Khoda cops had previously signaled the 3 accused who were coming in a Creta car from Delhi side to stop. As soon as the car stopped one accused got out of the car and ran away in the cover of night in the narrow lanes of Khoda colony. The other 2 accused told the cops that apart from the Creta, they had also stolen one Splendor bike and one scooty that they had parked near Drona Hotel nearby.

The accused used to recce the area where they had to strike and would then loot or steal the vehicles in that area. They used to sell off these vehicles in far-off areas like Imphal, from where one of the accused belonged.



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