The new version of Himmat Plus was launched on February 6, 2018 at National Media Centre, Raisina Road, said a press statement issued by Sanjay Baniwal, Special Commissioner of Police, WSA&M, Delhi. In the function the Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal distributed 10 QR Code cards to the drivers of airport taxis and drivers of TSRs & e-rickshaws of the selected Metro stations to launch the scheme of QR code for 3,000 taxi/TSR/e-rickshaws drivers in Delhi. Also, the launch of Himmat Plus App was done by pressing the in trouble (SOS) button of the App by the LG, Delhi. The function was attended by the guests from IIIT Delhi, GMR, various NGOs, other govt. organizations, stakeholders of Airport and Metro, Taxi, Auto, e-Rickshaw drivers and media apart from officers of Delhi Police.

Himmat App 1.0 meant for women safety was launched on January 1, 2015. It was earlier only an emergency safety App and had 44,785 registered users. The new version with a new logo will be called as HIMMAT PLUS. It is intended to serve and to deliver other utilities with a wide range of features to a larger spectrum of users.

When Delhi Police realized that the original Himmat App could still be improved upon, an audit of the App was got conducted by a team of students of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Okhla, Delhi in March 2017. Feedback and brainstorming sessions were held with the various user groups. The audit revealed that interface of the App was not sufficiently user-friendly, it was not bilingual, the app was not comprehensive and registration process was cumbersome.

After having learnt of the shortcomings, Delhi Police started the project of revamping the Himmat App in May 2017. Feasibility discussions of the new designs and features and functionality were held and a road map of development was planned. Its logo was re-designed to give it a more attractive and smarter look.

Secondly, the App was made bilingual. The registration was made simple and possible through the App only. Also the app was transformed from an Emergency Safety App to a Utility App for all sections of the society. The facebook page of Delhi Traffic Police and Twitter handle of Delhi Police have also been linked in the App to provide traffic updates as well other updates of Delhi Police for the benefit of the users. A special feature for scanning the QR code of the drivers of the Taxies, TSRs and e-rickshaws has been built in the new App.

Thereafter, a special drive was launched in June 2017 to capture the details of drivers of taxies at the Delhi Airport and drivers of TSRs and e-Rickshaws at 5 selected Metro stations of Delhi. The details of 2,000 taxi drivers at airport and about 1,000 drivers of TSRs & e-Rickshaws were collected and fed in the server of Himmat Plus App. Each driver of such Taxi/TSRs/e-rickshaws was provided a ‘QR Card’ to be placed in their vehicle.

Sample of QR Card

  • In the QR code functionality, the user opens the Himmat Plus App and scans the QR code from the card which is placed on the headrest of the driver’s seat, facing the customer.
  • When the user presses the ‘Report Journey’ button, it sends the location with driver’s unique I.D. to the Himmat dashboard working at Himmat stations at PHQ.
  • If driver is not registered the user receives the pop up notification on the application “Driver is not registered with Delhi Police”. In this case passenger can call the Control Room or press the SOS button from the application.
  • If driver is registered with Delhi Police, then the user can start the journey and in every 05 minutes, the user receives the pop up notification on the app with a message – “Are you reaching safely with options 1. ‘On the Way’, 2. ‘Reached Safely’ and 3. ‘In Trouble’”.
  • In case the user presses the ‘In Trouble’ button, then the officer of Delhi Police will call the passenger. It also sends alert message to the Emergency Contact Number of the user.
  • In case the user does not have the smart phone, the QR Code functionality can be used through the SMS facility. In this, the user sends the unique ID of the driver to the no. 9223166166, which is configured in the Himmat server. It automatically sends the Driver details to the user and if in case driver is not registered then user receives the auto-generated message “Driver is not registered with Delhi Police”.
  • This added feature in Himmat Plus is intended to ensure that genuine and verified drivers only take the passenger to their destination from Airport and Metro stations thus ensuring the passenger’s safety & security in last mile connectivity.




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