G’bad: Streetlight installed after Municipal Commissioner’s intervention


Prompt intervention by Municipal Commissioner, CP Singh led to a LED streetlight getting installed atop a pole near D 200 Block of Konark Enclave in Sector 17 Vasundhara, that has been developed by UP Housing Board (Avas Vikas). The pole had provision for 2 such lights but only one was installed by the Nagar Nigam light staff of Vasundhara Zone, when they recently carried out the installation of LED lights in this colony.

These streetlights were installed many years back by the erstwhile Municipal Commissioner, Ajay Shankar Pandey on request of the residents. Notably, the streetlight pole is located in the periphery of Konark Enclave society along a street and light(s) from this pole also light up the street along with the society area.

However, after the staff failed to install the second light, the matter was reported by the Editor of delhincrnews.in to the Light Inspector of Vasundhara Zone who gave verbal assurance to get it installed several days back. But as he failed to do so, the matter was reported further up to the Municipal Commissioner who promptly got the second light installed today.

The residents have thanked the Municipal Commissioner for this gesture.




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