Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Praveen Togadia, who mysteriously disappeared yesterday and was found in a semi-conscious state and thereafter admitted to a hospital, today held a press conference and alleged that some forces were out to get him killed in a fake encounter and the same force sere trying to silence his voice. In an address—that turned emotional also, as Togadia cried—he clearly alleged that the central IB was out to target him as he has stood for the Hinsus of the ation and raised ther voice including the construction of Ram temple.

He said that although the Rajasthan Police came to arrest him in an old case, when he spoke to the government sources there he was told that no such order for his arrest was passed to anyone.

On being asked by a journalist, who was behind the conspiracy against him he said  that he will reveal this in the time to come along with evidence.



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