A chopper carrying 7 passengers—2 crew members and 5 ONGC GM level officers crashed today morning off Mumbai coast. So far 4 bodies have been extricated while search is on survivors if any. The Pawan Hans helicopter is reported to have been flown after a routine checking drive. It took off with all on board at around 10.30 in the morning but soon after lost contact with the ATC.

Meanwhile, Indian Navy has launched large scale rescue operations to search for the missing helicopter. Four Indian Naval Ships (T11, T45, Tarasa and Teg), one Dornier aircraft and one Seaking helicopter have been deployed towards the area. The search efforts are being augmented by one P8I Long Range aircraft. In addition, CG ships and aircraft have also been deployed for SAR.

-Pic: Tweeted by SpokespersonNavy


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