A team of Special Cell/ SR led by Inspector Shiv Kumar and Inspector Mukesh Kumar Singh and supervised by ACP Attar Singh has arrested a notorious Arms Supplier namely Jeetu Sharma alias Shiv Kumar alias Jitender alias Jeeti near Indraprastha Park bus stop Outer Ring Road, Delhi on January 5 and four sophisticated english pistols of .32 bore & 50 cartridges of same caliber have been recovered from his possession. Arrested Jeetu Sharma is a notorious arms supplier of North India. He was wanted in a case of arms supply of the year 2017 investigated by Special Cell.

There was an information with Special Cell/SR that notorious arms supplier namely Jeetu Sharma alias Shiv Kumar alias Jitender of Bulandshahr UP, was frequently coming to Delhi to supply illegal arms to criminals. This information was developed by HC Upender and Constable Rasmuddin. Secret sources were deployed and sharp vigil was kept upon movements of members of this arms syndicate. Painstaking efforts of more than 3-4 months resulted in identifying Jeetu Sharma.

On January 5, specific information was received that Jeetu Sharma would come near Indraprastha bus stand between 6-7pm to deliver consignment of illegal arms to his contact. A team led by Inspector Shiv Kumar and Inspector Mukesh Kumar Singh, Special Cell/ SR and consisting of SI Karambir, ASI Arvind, HC- Jugnu, HC- Upender and Constable Rasmuddin, under the supervision of ACP Attar Singh was formed.

Trap was laid near bus stand where Jeetu Sharma arrived at about 6:20 pm. After waiting for 10 minutes, he started moving away when he was surrounded and overpowered by the team. Four highly sophisticated English pistols of .32 and 50 live cartridges were recovered from his bag. A case under appropriate sections of law was registered and investigation taken up.

Accused Jeetu Sharma was subjected to sustained interrogation. He revealed he was part of illegal arms syndicate. He further disclosed that he used to supply sophisticated illegal arms to criminals in Delhi and adjoining states for last five years. He has disclosed that he had already supplied more than 250 pistols in Delhi during this period. He gets supply of live cartridges from a person in Agra, UP. Consignment of 7 pistols sent by him through his carrier Kailash in September last year when Kailash was detected by Special Cell when Kailash was nabbed.

Jeetu Sharma was wanted in that case but he went underground. Reward of Rs. 1,00,000 was declared upon his arrest in that case. Jeetu Sharma has further disclosed that he used to get supply of illegal arms from a notorious arms supplier of MP. He used to get one pistol in Rs. 10,000 from said supplier and he used to further sell to criminals in Delhi in Rs. 20 to 25 thousand per pistol.



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