Today morning in a meeting of Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) staff at his office, the Municipal Commissioner, Chandra Prakash Singh directed the officials and engineers concerned, that they should in their respective areas, get the broken dividers, roads railings repaired and get them painted at the earliest.

The Municipal Commissioner further directed that under Swachh Bharat Mission all flyovers in the city would be painted and slogans and would be written on them on this particular theme. The pillars falling under the flyovers should also be painted with beautiful themes.

The officials were further directed by the Municipal Commissioner to start a special campaign of 3 days in which all illegal hoardings, banners etc should be removed on min roads leading to institutions, colleges, religious places etc. and on the gateways to the city it a welcome sign should be put up on behalf of the Municipal Commissioner, Mayor and councilors.

XEN, Water Works was directed to ensure that after laying of water and sewer pipes in an area the respective firm/contractor should level up the area as before and any negligence on their part on this point should be dealt with in a strict manner.

Further, the Zonal heads of all zones were asked to oversee the remaining tasks left over in the 10 ‘ideal wards’ falling under their zone. Also they were asked to furnish details of locations in busy markets where ‘pink toilets would come up.

Singh also directed the officials to spruce up the garbage collection centres by getting their walls painted and by getting appropriate slogans written on them. Finally, all officials were also asked to work on ways and means to make the city No 1 in Swachhata rankings and to get the public to download the ‘Swachhata App’, so that people can upload complaints/pictures and get them resolved. The officials were also asked to ensure feedback from people.


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