Although, the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) is in the process of installing power efficient LED streetlights in place of the old sodium bulbs/ lamps and tubelights, a number of residents in Vasundhara have claimed that the process is going on at a slow pace and many areas still are bereft of the new lights. The GNN had commissioned a private firm last year to get these lights installed but even after 9-10 months many areas in Vasundhara Zone are still awaiting for these to be installed.

LED light installed in one of the points in the pole, while the other (left) has been left out in Sector 17 D Block, Vasundhara. A complaint has been made to Nagar Nigam Light Inspector of Vasundhara Zone about it

It is to be noted here that the Nagar Nigam Board had cleared the proposal for installation of LED lights in November 2016 during tenure of erstwhile mayor, Ashu Verma. After the new BJP government took over it was expected that the installation process would be speedier. However, even now the process is far from over despite the DM Ghaziabad orders for completion of all installation by December 2017 (read:

Way back in the month of June 2017, Sahibabad MLA Sunil Sharma had told (read: that the installation of streetlights is going on at a slow pace and promised that he would ask the Nagar Nigam staff to hasten the process. But the installation process never took up speed.

Where the LED bulbs have been installed on the poles, some installation points have been left, in many cases. To give an example, the Nagar Nigam staff installed streetlights in Sector 17 D, Konark Enclave, where one of the points was left while they replaced the sodium light with LED on other point.

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