Yesterday, members of Confederation of NCR Resident Welfare Association or CONRWA-GZB Chapter met at Sector 12, Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad, wherein they visited the dumping ground and demanded that the dumping ground in Pratap Vihar should be shifted at the earliest and sanitary land fills should be created.

The coordinator, RK Arya and the Jt Convenor of Vijay Nagar Zone Ram Avtar Yadav said that GZB is topping  the list of air polluted cities consistently and as a sequel the dumping ground in Pratap Vihar is causing additional and acute health problems to the residents living nearby.

CONRWA members at the Pratap Vihar dumping ground site (with Col TP Tyagi 3rd from the left)

The convenor of GZB chapter of CONRWA, Ajit Nigam brought out that this dumping ground is a security concern as well. The Hindon Air Force has confirmed in writing that the cumulative effect of Ghazipur dumping ground and the Pratap Vihar dumping ground are posing serious threat to the National Security scenario.

Sandhya Tyagi, Sunita Bhatia, Rashmi Lata and Mamta Sharma added that the UP Awas Vikas is developing a 31 multi-story complex near the Pratap Vihar dumping ground and hence they have asked the Nagar Nigam time and again to remove it. But the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam says that the dumping ground is temporary. If the  Nagar Nigam could not finalise a dumping site since last 10 years, how it will do now since neither GDA nor UP Awas Vikas have catered for dumping sites in their schemes.

Even if the site for dumping ground is finalized in Ghaziabad, it will not resolve the issue but it will amount to another suicide like Bombay and Delhi. The recent mishap at Ghazipur dumping ground is a glaring example of the shortcomings of dumping solid waste without covering and compacting. In fact, the dumping grounds have become dumping hills all over the Country. Since the solid waste also contains biodegradable material, methane gas is formed in the dumping ground which is highly inflammable. It is a good reason that the 43 Meter high dumping hill at Ghazipur is ridden with flames at one place or the other. This is bound to repeat in the Pratap Vihar Dumping site which is spread over an area of more than 2 Sq KM. ( Ill effects of Pratap Vihar Dumping Ground are attached )

The chief convenor of CONRWA, Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi proposed sanitary landfills as a viable alternative to dumping ground. The sanitary landfills are made by digging the ground and thereafter covered with earth or tarpaulin every day. And, once the land fill site are filled,grass is planted over it. Therefore, there is no encroachment of land whatsoever.

The media secretary, Gopal Maheshwari,Ram Pal Sharma, Sagua Singh and all others said that ill effects of dumping ground have become unbearable and hence we demand closure of the present site and creation of sanitary landfills in every zone.


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