The bandh that was called by Dalit leaders in Maharasthra was called off today after much violence and arson. Thousands of Dalits wer today on the streets in Mumbai and other parts of the state where they held protests by halting rail services and also causing road blockades. There were also reports of protestors harassing commuters. Most of the schools of the state remained shut. The bandh that had disrupted life in Maharashtra was called after Dalits claimed they were attacked by a group of saffron flag holding group, while they had gathered at Bhima Koregaon Village to offer tributes at the memorial of Mahar soldiers who had fought alongside the British against the Peshwa armies. Since then (Monday) Dalits have been agitating and the agitation acquired wider dimensions when Dalit leders led by Prakash Ambedkar—grandson of Bhimrao Ambedkar jumped in to the bandwagon and called a strike that was backed by Communist parties.


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