Residents of Vasundhara Sectors 17, 19 and Sector 6 Vaishali are reportedly up in arms against construction of  a garbage dump on the green belt area adjoining the Hindon Canal Road  that they halted yesterday. The green belt that is already home to several illegal religious structures was being used by some societies to dispose of their garbage generated daily, but now it is being alleged that the Nagar Nigam is constructing a ‘pucca’ garbage dump on this site, adjoining Sector 17 Konark Enclave and Sector 19, both in Vasundhara. The residents say that construction of a ‘pucca’ garbage site in this place would be harmful for their health and the stink will make it difficult to live. Yesterday, scores of residents from the nearby housing societies gathered on the site to protest against the contractor constructing he ‘pucca’ garbage dump.

Notably, many of these societies were throwing their daily garbage here that they should have avoided, some residents pointed out. According to a Arun Shukla, resident of Konark Enclave, the garbage dump is being protested by all like minded residents who want it to be taken elsewhere. He said the local councilor has also been apprised about the construction work on the said garbage dump.

However, green activist Akash Vashishtha said that creation of garbage dumping sites is necessary to properly dispose of garbage generated in colonies.


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