With the groundwater levels in Ghaziabad having fallen down to alarming levels and in the wake of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order passed earlier banning the use of submersibles—even for domestic users (if they have official water supply), Editor, delhincrnews.in spoke to Regional Director of  Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) in Lucknow, Y.B. Kaushik. According to him, if any domestic/ individual user is using submersible pumps despite having official water supply, it is an illegal act.

Kaushik also said that the CGWB had made it mandatory to obtain an NOC by people willing to extract groundwater and they can only do so if there is no other alternate means of water supply available to them or if they do not have public water supply available.

Akash Vashishtha, green activist and one of the petitioners in NGT said: “The NGT order passed had said that the CGWA has to seal all borewells including domestic ones. There cannot be any 2 opinions about that. This means that no submersible pumps can be allowed in residential areas of Ghaziabad and the administration should see to that.”

In fact the order makes it mandatory even for sarkari agencies to obtain a proper NOC for extracting groundwater.

Kaushik pointed out, “There is going to be a meeting of ‘Advisory Committee’ in Ghaziabad on Dec. 5 to discuss all the matters pertaining to groundwater extraction and to decide the future course of action.”

Prasoon Pant, Editor




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