Usage and dependency on the lifts is rapidly increasing as more and more High Rise societies in Ghaziabad and NCR are coming up. Along with the increased demands of lifts, some small & part time local companies for their quick earnings are running a racket of replacing original parts and configuration of lifts with spurious ones without caring for the lives of the residents.

Col. T.P. Tyagi, President of Flat Owners Federation demanded that as a thumb rule, only the original OEM vendor should be allowed to maintain the lifts installed by them. In practice, some local small vendors somehow obtain maintenance contract of the lifts and slowly original parts and configuration is replaced with counterfeit ones and the original parts are sold in the market for obvious reasons. This not only results in loss of lakhs of rupees but also the lives of residents are put at risk. Examples are Sushma Hydraulics, Japan Elevators etc who replaced the original parts of the Kone Lifts in the name of maintenance in Nirala Eden Park.

The local companies take full advantage of the fact that there is no  lift Act in UP. VC, GDA is appointed as competent authority in UP Apartment Act 2010 for Ghaziabad and hence  GDA should have directed to install ARDs (Automatic Rescue Devices), Alarma and Stabilisers in lifts and put a check on such practices.

Lifts are lifeline for dwellers in high rise societies which are mushrooming in NCR a big way. Therefore , we demanded from the VC, GDA and UP Govt through letters and meetings to put in place a Lift Act at the earliest right since 2014 onward. When it did not materialise, we prepared a UP DRAFT LIFT ACT and sent it to the State Govt to either accept it or issue their Lift Act. The State Govt in a bid to respond to our request sent our letter to GDA to take appropriate action. The GDA has now approached the State Govt to take appropriate action. We  do not know how long we will have to wait for appropriate action. However, security and maintenance of lifts are the crying and emergency needs of high-rise buildings more than 4-storey buildings.

(Media Statement of Flat Owners Federation, Ghaziabad)


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