The last session of the Open Forum in 48th International Film Festival of India discussed on the topic: ‘Digital Revolution…Changing Face of Cinema’. Ujwal Nirgudkar, Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Sanjay Chandekar, Head of Radio FTII, Pune, Rajendra Talak, Vice Chairman, Entertainment Society of Goa, M. A. Raghvendran, Researcher and Film critic participated in the discussion. Indian Documentary Producers Association President Mike Pandey moderated the session.

Ujwal Nirgudkar while elucidating on digital revolution in cinema said “In 2008 we started to use digital technology for cinema. Now many changes are taking place in digital revolution, so ‘High Ultra Definition’ will be reality in India very soon”. Digital technology is really wonderful thing, but the problem lies with storage capacity and duration, he added.

Sanjay Chandekar, Head of Radio FTII, Pune said that digital technology has offered wings everybody to fly. Digital technology offers more options to user. In sound industry the problem is that sound engineers are not able to judge digital technology. Audio is in both optical and digital combination.

Talking about Entertainment Society of Goa’s future projects, Rajendra Talak informed that new integrated complex for film festival will come into place in 2019. ESG is coming out with more and more technology driven projects, he informed. M. A. Raghvendran film critic also expressed his views on digital revolution in cinema.


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