Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) has very recently taken a welcome initiative to rebuild and re-carpet roads of Vasundhara Sector 17 after a long hiatus of almost 16 years when all the roads of this sector were last laid. In fact, the road re-laying task is still ongoing, however the major part of work is complete in Blocks A, B, C, D & E of Vasundhara Sector 17, comprising several group housing societies.

“The road carpeting task was carried out after due process of tenders was done,” said RK Mittal, Chief Engineer, Nirman Vibhag, of Municipal Corporation. He added that the total estimate for the work was around Rs 1.20 crores.

In fact, it was on the initiative of the Nirman Vibhag, especially the Chief Engineer that tenders were brought out, despite the reluctance of several construction contractors after imposition of GST.

RK Mittal pointed out that Ghaziabad was one of those districts where the road tenders and the work had commenced when other adjoining districts were unable to do so.

As far as the work in Sector 17 Vasundhara goes, Mittal said that the contractor has been asked to produce the best possible roads—that are mostly colony roads and the work was going on smooth after some hiccups—where the residents pointed out that road was suffering from wear and tear.

The Chief Enginner remarked that the Nirman Vibhag of the Municipal Corporation would be undertaking several such tasks of re-carpeting the roads wherever required.

The residents of Konark Enclave, Sec 17 Vasundhara comprising Blocks D & E pointed out that initially the contractor who seemed a newcomer had built a one-layered road leading to rumours of shoddy work. But afterwards more layers of tar were added and all the roads are by and large satisfactory now.

Some residents of Konark Enclave said that a part of stretch could not be re-laid due to difficult maneuverability, however, the Chief Engineer said that on these stretches the Nirman Vibhag will ensure that the best quality tiles are fitted for the convenience of residents.

Prasoon Pant, Editor




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