Today the members of Flat Owners Federation Ghaziabad met the Regional Director of Pollution Control Board, Ajay Sharma.

The President of the Flat Owners Federation, (Retd) Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi requested the Regional Director to answer questionnaire that ontained 10 questions with three choices for each question. The Regional Director tick marked his choices which are attached herewith duly signed by him. He generally agreed with the choices of Flat Owners. For example, he agreed that to reduce air pollution the following steps should be taken:

  • 2,000 CCTV Cameras should be installed on main roads of Ghaziabad.
  • Mokshda Pranali should be strictly used at Hindon Cremation ground.
  • Car Free Day should be observed to spread awareness about the need to control Air Pollution.
  • Actions should be taken now to establish e-waste collection centers.
  • Polluting Industries should be fined heavily for the damages already done and spend their CSR for anti-air pollution drive.

Ajay Sharma did not answer the question if PM 2.5 should be measured, at his office or at Raj Nagar Extension Square, to give honest picture of the gravity of air pollution. It may be noted that even at secluded places like the Office of PCB, the level of PM 2.5 is more than 6 times the safe limit. The safe limit in India  is  60 micro gram per cubic meter which is three times more the safe limit in USA.


Zonal Commander of VIjay Nagar, Tarun Chauhan, Zonal Commander of Indrapuram, CM Vaid, Zonal Commander of Vasundhara, UB Garg, Zonal Commander of Mohan Nagar, Anuranjana Tyagi, Anil Burnwal, Kuldeep Sharma, Asutosh, Ashok Garg, Sandhya Tyagi, Manju Garg and others raised questions on taking stern action against the polluting industries, in general, and dyeing industries in Sahibabad Industrial Area, in particular.



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