The toll plaza being constructed on National Highway-1, near village Kurad in Sonipat disrict, would be started for the six-lane project completed between Delhi border and Panipat in 2010. It has no connection with the eight-lane project which is scheduled to be completed by March, 2019 after which it will be handed over to the company working on the eight-lane project. Going by the rules, it should have been made operational in 2010. Giving this information in Sonipat today, the Deputy Commissioner, K. Makrand Pandurang, said work on the 56.7 km-long project was completed in three parts from Delhi border to Panipat in 2010.

According to the rules of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), whenever any road is converted from four to six lanes, a toll plaza will be mandatorily installed. The toll plaza on the six-lane road is now being installed near village Kurad. Pandurang said an overbridge and service lanes for Murthal, Gannaur and Samalkha had also been completed. With completion of this project, the Panipat flyover and Panipat-Jalandhar projects were executed on which toll plaza was started at the same time, while people living along this six-lane project were given relief for seven consecutive years. The NHAI has been making efforts to ensure good infrastructure on NH-1 and provide good facilities to the people. Since this road forms part of Delhi- NCR and attracts huge traffic, this route is being improved in quality and safety, he added


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