A delegation of ex-servicemen and patriotic civilians celebrated Diwali with the children of Arya Samaj Ashram. Sweets and trophies were distributed to all the Children, Staff and workers of the Ashram by Deshbhakt R K Arya, Deshbhakt V P Singh, Deshbhakt Jagan Mohan Sharma and others.
The National President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha, (Retd) Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi conducted a Question Answer session for the Children on Arya Samaj. It was brought out that the 1857 Independence Struggle formally started when Swami Oma Nand, Swami Virja Nand, Swami Sampoorna Nand and Swami Daya Nand Saraswati called Laxmi Bai, Tatya Tope, Jwala Prasad and Nana Saheb and  gave them Rs 3100/- to start the movement for Independence. A lotus Flower and Roomali Roti, were used as symbols to convey the message to different Cantonments and Villages that revolt will start on 31 May 1857.
Shyama Krishna Verma was sent to England by Swami Dayanand who started “Home Rule in India” movement. In the words of Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru himself, more than 70% jailed inmates  were Arya Samajis; they were there not for crimes but for fighting against the Britishers; This percentage is more than 90% as per other contemporary leaders.
Hence to say that credit of Freedom Struggle goes to INC (Indian National Congress) is wrong. Is it not a fact that INC compromised in Gandhi-Irwin Pact and in accepting the G of I Act 1935. In fact the credit goes to Swami Dayanand ji and Neta Ji Subash Chandra Bose.
RK Arya, heading the Line Par Chetra Association and the Secretary, VP Singh brought out the founding details of Arya Samaj. RK Arya felicitated Swami Stayaves for his dedication, devotion and consistent concern for the education of destitute children. He pledged to all the classes of the Children present in the Ashram that our team will celebrate all festivals with you. You are not alone. We are together. You may not be sporting TIE but your intellect is definitely sharper and purer than average students elsewhere.


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