A 45-yr-old woman techie and animal lover in Bengaluru who claimed she had gone to rescue cows from being slaughtered alongwith two cops, was cornered and beaten up by a mob who were also shouting pro Pakistan slogans, said numerous media reports. The incident happened in Avalahalli in Bengaluru. The techie Nandini said that she had seen that she went to the Thalagattapura police station to report about the matter. The police officer at the Thana assured her that policemen have been deployed at the site ahere illegal cattle trade was happening. The lady claimed that as they reached the spot with 2 cops, a huge mob of around 100 people surrounded them and beat her up—injuring her severely. They also damaged Nandini’s car. A shocked Nandini then returned to the police atation to file another report of assault on her. She said she would talk to senior police officers as to why she was misled by the cop at the Thana about the presence of policemen at the ‘disturbance’ spot.

State BJP President and former CM of Karnatka B S Yeddyurappa said that the attack was proof of law and order breakdown in the state under Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.  


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