A two-day All India Seminar on Higher and Technical Education was organized on October 12-13,2017 by the Ghaziabad Chapter of the Institution of Engineers. The Chief Guest the Vice Chancellor of the Mangalam University, Prof KK Agarwal said that if lawyers of opposite parties join hands, they can drag on the case to infinity. The clients will will be put to immeasurable agony.Hence values in education are more important than the syllabus.

The National President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha, (retd) Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi asked the law students if they were aware of the section 51 A of the Constitution of India. People know the Preamble, the Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of the Constitution but they are not aware of the duties enshrined there in. The 10 duties include care for environment, respect for women and Scientific Temper.

As regards women, our ancient Shastras say that God is complete. Only women signify completion and hence a woman is God. If this point was told to students umpteen number of times from primary to higher education, today’s scenario of crime against women would have been missing. Let it be done now.

Only 25% of technical graduates and 15% of other graduates are found employable by the IT Industry. The remedy is to establish only non profit earning institutes for higher education and reduce the rate of interest on education loans on a par with agricultural loans,” said Col Tyagi”.

Did we tell students that first aid means RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression,Elevate), Patrolling is based on SCOUTS and Ambush depends on selection of DEFILE? Did we tell students that leadership qualities mean, primarily, ability to establish an equation between opposite things. There is no rocket science involved in it. Let us practice it now onwards to make higher education valuable.

Prof H S Sharma, the Chairman of the Institution of Engineers and the Convenor Dr R K Singh, Prof Syedda felicitated the Guests and conducted different sessions.



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