China has agreed to work with India to seek guidance from the 5 principles of Panchsheel, Chinese President, Xi Jinping told Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Indian PM is at the Chinese city of Xiamen to attend the 9th BRICS summit.

According to reports, the meeting between the two leaders focused on importance of moving forward after the Doklam standoff. President Jinping told the PM that a “healthy, stable” China-India ties are necessary. Earlier the BRICS nations had castigated Pakistan base terror outfits symbolising a moral victory for the Indian side.

Returning the favour, PM Modi congratulated the Chinese premier for successful holding of the summit.

In his address to the member countries, PM Modi had said: “The countries present here together represent almost half of the humanity. Whatever we do, will impact the world substantially. So, it is our solemn duty to make a better world – brick by brick, or, through BRICS.”


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