Ghaziabad boy launches Sports Literacy Mission

25 Arjuna Award winners pledged their support to NGO Sports: A Way of Life’s new mission to make sports a movement in the country


NEW DELHI, August 22, 2017: Ghaziabad boy Kanishka Pandey has started a Sports Literacy Mission at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi in the presence of 25 Arjuna Award winners, Olympians and Dronacharya Award winners, from various sports. The Mission began today (Tuesday) by NGO, Sports: A Way of Life founded by 25 year old budding writer Kanishka Pandey, who is student of Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. The literacy mission has chosen Ghaziabad district at the first pilot project where parents and children will be sensitized about spots literacy and how it will help safe his character. Besides it will help in improving the medal tally at international level in athletic competition where our performance has been dismal so far.  Speaking on the occasion, Kanishka Pandey said that his NGO Sports: A Way of Life had recently conducted a survey to know the public mood and their active participation in various games and the survey came out with eye opener conclusion. Less than 5% people have interest in sports were as less than 2% female have interest in sports. If you talk about the above all percentage of people who play various games under the ambit of sports rule or to say playing professionally, the percentage even goes further down revealing an indifferent attitude towards sports, or sports illiteracy.

He further says that his NGO’s main objective is to promote the Gurukul tradition of education where education and sports moved hand in hand. His NGO emphasises on developing primary school as nursery for sports from early stage of children’s life. Besides, we want to show the seeds of sports and create an environment for growth of sports from the very beginning.

To achieve this end, we need to first tackle the negative approach of the parents and we need to change this into positive approach towards the game. To arise interest in game, we should not confine game only to winning medals but we also need to bring out sports values learnt in sports field to the outside world, where it could be used for finding solutions to various social problems, said Pandey.

As we have launched our sports literacy mission today, we intend to impart training as well as knowledge of athletics to each children even if these children are participating in athletics alongwith the games such as Football, Cricket, Tennis etc. In every school be it government or private convent schools there should be mandatory provisions for athletics in each school. Through this exercise and awareness programme, we can develop talent bank for medals in Olympics and we can also check the widening gap between rich and poor men’s game. Pandey elaborated.

Kanishka Pandey gave a call to all the retired players to encourage those children who have been deprived of playing any game and provide them training so that post retirement they get a means of keeping their playing life intact. Besides they should also help the country in improving the sports literacy mission.

Pandey also made an appeal to the media that to save the sports value they should dig out motivational stories and figure it out on pages other than sports. They could become a potent weapon in promoting sports literacy among parents and children alike.

Wiley India Publishers, the world acclaim publisher is going to publish “Sports: A Way of Life” a research work by young author Kanishka Pandey.




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