Crumbling infra, erratic supply, lack of emergency response, besiege Ghaziabad residents

Despite the CM’s and Power Minister’s efforts to weed out inefficiency and corruption in Power Sector, the situation on the ground appears to be totally different at present


GHAZIABAD, July 31, 2017: Despite promises made by the Chief Minister and the Power Minister of Uttar Pradesh, it seems that the dream of achieving ‘uninterrupted and quality supply’ of power will remain a distant dream, unless-the infrastructure is strengthened, the subordinate officers of the Power Corporation mend their ways and frequent inspections of sub stations are done by the senior power officials.

The incident in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad best explains what needs to be done on the power front. In yesterday night’s incident  in Vasundhara Sector 17 D pocket of Ghaziabad, a power cable line from a pole short circuited in the heavy downpour yesterday night. Due to the short circuit the power connection of several homes in the vicinity went off. The residents went to seek help from the Sub Station of Sector 19 the residents were told that the fault would be repaired in the morning. In the morning while they repaired the fault the linemen told the residents they would have to shell out money to get the entire cable and other equipment repaired.

Needless to say that any fault in power system outside homes is the duty of the power department and officials and not the public that is paying huge bills every month. The power infrastructure in most colonies of Ghaziabad is crumbling. Vasundhara is one of the most upscale colonies of Ghaziabad and if power infra is bad here, the condition of other colonies can be guessed.

But this is not the end to residents’ travails. The linemen who came to repair the fault of the dysfunctional cable have been accused of asking for money for doing the job they are paid for. In fact, this is the ‘inefficient work culture’ that needs to be rectified at the earliest.

There is more trouble in the offing for hapless power consumers who want to contact officials in case of emergency, as numbers given in official PVNL (discom) directory are not available or reachable. When Editor tried to get through the numbers given in telephone directory of PVVNL, many of the numbers of Ghaziabad were found to be non-existent or not reachable. For example, on dialing the landline number of SE, EUDC I, Ghaziabad it was found that the number no longer existed. The discom PVVNL’s official directory carried name of a staff member (Customer Complaints) who has retired.

The given landline number of MD, PVVNL also was constantly revealed as ‘busy’. Finally when it could be reached the personal staff of MD said that Vasundhara Sub Station should have resolved the complaint fully but did not give the MD’s cell number.

Clearly the discom, PVVNL, looking after power needs of West UP needs to imbibe a better work culture. The residents of Vasundhara also complained that the power supply has been very erratic of late, despite the tall claims of the government to ensure uninterrupted supply.

-Prasoon Pant, Editor,




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