GHAZIABAD: A resident of Ghaziabad, Dr. Udita Tyagi has brought many glories to the country by winning millions of hearts and accolades at International Beauty Pageant – Mrs India Worldwide (First Runner-up); she has traveled to the farthest points in the world and at last invested all of her achievements and experiences in csDISHAA foundation which is an NGO.

csDISHAA has taken up a mission of painting about 100 walls in one year and a half. The railway station of any city is the face of the city. Whenever a person reaches the station, he connects with an image of the city and its people through it.

The  “Swacch Bharat Swacch Rail” phrase was first introduced in the Rail Budget speech 2015-2016.

The foundation believes that there is an exciting opportunity for the people of Ghaziabad to ‘own’ the Ghaziabad Railway Station. The opportunity includes organizing cleanliness drives at the Railway Station, awareness campaigns and interaction with the passengers and sensitizing them towards keeping the station clean. The idea also includes converting the Railway Station into a Museum of Paintings on the Independence War of 1857.

1857 Museum at Railway Station Arches

Dr. Udita Tyagi and her team are working on a unique city vision to be created through art and culture, which will help in promoting the community internationally and nationally, and appealing directly to local citizens. Painting Ghaziabad Railway Station as a war painting museum is first of its type in India and second in the world. The Ghaziabad Railway Station depicts murals of freedom stalwarts like Mangal Pandey, Rani Luxmi Bai and many others..

It is one of those rare opportunities for the people of Ghaziabad to become a part of history, and to adopt their very own railway station. According to Tyagi, to make it happen, we welcome individuals, businesses and organisations. “We believe that the people of Ghaziabad shall make an excellent contribution towards the society while empowering students, who will conserve and paint the arch and in the process develop a sense of ownership,” said Udita.

A commuter, Neeraj Sharma shares, “I have been coming to the Ghaziabad Railway Station regularly for the past four years. The station was never so clean. People are becoming aware of the need for cleanliness now. For whosoever these kids are working, they are doing a good job. People used to spit anywhere at the station but since these paintings have come up; people are also becoming aware of the need for cleanliness.”

The most joyous and proud embellishment of the My Clean India initiative started by Udita Tyagi, is the very first War Painting Museum of the Country, which will adorn the Ghaziabad Railway Station (Uttar Pradesh). Hundreds of schools going children are working together with team csDISHAA to make it come true.

One of the paintings at G’bad Railway Station

-Vivek Kaushik, Principal Correspondent, bureau


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