The selected fewest of world leaders receive Israel’s grand reception and seeing-off at Ben Gurion International Airport. Main examples are global super powerful leaders like President of the United States of America, and Pope of Vatican City-State. Thus it can’t be unnoticed worldwide that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi received this special red carpet treatment in Israel (foregoing the usual official Israeli protocols).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet were on the tarmac to greet Modi as he exited his Air India Boeing 747 (usually referred to as “Air India One” i.e. aircraft with the Prime Minister [or President] of India on board) in Tel Aviv. The same special hospitality and closeness of Israel’s warmth was displayed on Modi’s departure (alike shown-off two days ago at Modi’s arrival in Israel).

This is Prime Minister Modi’s internationally recognized “hugging diplomacy“. And shows the clout of Modi and emergent India in present world order. Israel has aptly and rightly recognized India as a global powerhouse.

Modi got in recent past same importance from President Donald Trump of USA, President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation and from Germany’s Angela Merkel (European Union’s supreme power-nation these days and which shall continue for a very long future).

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PM Modi was conferred Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honour by King Salman bin Abdulaziz last year.

Other Central Asian nations, Iran and Afganistan also gave same treatment to Modi over past months.

14th ASEAN-India Summit and 11th East Asia Summit in Vientiane (Laos), and African Development Bank (AfDB) Group’s Annual Convention in Gandhinagar (Gujarat, India) this May of 2017 were no different neither and Modi’s closeness with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull was noticed globally.

Modi will do same skillful diplomacy with Heads of States of Canada, Japan, UK, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Republic of Korea (South Korea), and Vietnam on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg (Germany) durig his next visit to Hamburg from July 6th to 8th 2017 for G-20 Summit there.

BRICS Leaders’ Meeting during G20 Summit in Hamburg shall also be a close-to-Modi affair (except no scheduled meeting between Modi and China’s Xi, that may be existent due to Modi’s annoyance over China’s outright creation of disharmony in South-Asia by its anti-Bhutan aggressive PLA (Chinese) military misadventure and Chinese deliberate hostility towards India into membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), and because of China’s support of Pakistani bloody terror ringleaders like Hafiz Saeed who is charged as main conspirator of 26/11 (2008 Mumbai terror attacks) whose issue is Vetoed by China in UN.

Israel’s Netanyahu displays an unwavering support for India’s one nation theory on Kashmir issue (accepting Kashmir as part of India) and Israel accepts India’s stand on none non-interference by outsider third party nations on India-Pakistan standoff. Israel is clear on total use of force (preemptive military strikes) to prevent any nation’s misuse of its land for terrorist activities into another country’s territory (as usually is done by Pakistani terrorist training camps which for decades regularly arm, fund, train and infiltrate the militant insurgents for terror attacks into India as Pak state policy intentionally claimed as non-state actors and freedom-fighters, who actually are mere Islamist mercenaries of ISI Pakistan’s notorious rogue intelligence which also had harbored Osama bin Laden in a safehouse in Abbottabad (hardly a mile from Pakistan Military Academy, a highly secure area being a suburb housing of Pakistan’s retired military officers). And it may be recalled that India’s most wanted fugitive underworld don gangster cum narcotics-peddling global network kingpin and 1993 Mumbai serial bomb-blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim who from 1993 lived a lavish life in safe house’s shielded by Pakistan military intelligence security (accepted by UN and Interpol) viz. his homes into Clifton (Karachi Cantonment), Defence Housing Authority and Islamabad.

Israel Premier also knows that AfPak’s Haqqani network i.e. aligned with the Taliban-AlQaeda, had full Pakistan military support during NATO AfPak ops, which Israel could have easily hunted. Modi’s successful diplomacy has officially celebrated 25 years of India-Israel bilateral relations in this Modi visit. And Judaism freely flourished in India from 562 BC (Before Christ) – most of such Indian-Jewish diaspora today form over a 100 thousand Jewish-Indian Community into Israel whom Modi addressed in a special speech and event as well.

Notably, Islam came to India in 7th century, the Zoroastrianism in India came in 8th century AD (after Christ) and Christianity with the visit of Apostle St.Thomas in AD 52 (after Christ).

Modi has surely got noticed with his Israel trip. And it brings a strategic edge to India-Israel bilateral relationship, which shall ring for decades and tuneup generations ahead to come.

Is this beginning of Modi’s international legacy in India’s assertive diplomatic chapter!

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