GHAZIABAD, June 17, 2017: In a virtual hide and seek game, where criminals want to get the better of the police, it is always a challenge for the cops to stay ahead of the game so as to instill confidence in the public. With technology changing fast the police also are adapting to get the best out of it. Keeping this in view the Ghaziabad City Police, led by IPS officer and SP City, Akash Tomar have started a unique tech initiative titled ‘JANSAMVAD’ or interacting with public. The initiative entails creating a WhatsApp Platform, wherein the police will select and invite distinguished members of the public from the city to be members of this Group by adding their mobile numbers. These citizens would then be in constant touch with their local Thanas, Chowki etc of the city and the cops will be able to get invaluable information and feedback from the public, relating to criminal activity and other law & order issues.

The police-public interaction would also help in creating a cordial relation between them, it is hoped. In a nutshell this Group will help in solving the problems of the public with regard to the city police and crime.

This unique initiative also aims at encouraging the public to come up with solutions, feedback and information, that majority of them are unable to, as there is always a fear of approaching the police. Through this initiative the police invites such members of the public who have some dependable and valuable information in hand that could be indispensable to fight crime.  

The said Group is expected to be formed within a week’s time. This unique concept could go a long way in helping both, the police as well as the public in long run, if properly implemented.

-Written by Prasoon Pant, Editor




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