newbie AKHAND RASHTRAWADI PARTY’s Dharana/Pradarshan (Protest) at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar



A newbie, yet well-experienced grassroots political activists of AKHAND RASHTRAWADI PARTY अखण्ड राष्ट्रवादी पार्टी (literally meaning Integrated Nationalist Party) a new political outfit, registered in mid-2016 with Election Commission of lndia (under Section 29A of Representation of the People Act 1951), under its Founder National President Lal Ji Singh and supporters from Northern, Central and Western India, primarily Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal and National Capital Territory of Delhi staged a Dharana/Pradarshan (Protest) at Jantar Mantar. The agenda of said political outburst is the NON-COMPLIANCE BY CENTRAL & STATE GOVERNMENTS OF SUPREME COURT’S ORDERING NIL-RESERVATION CRITERION INTO PROMOTION IN GOVERNMENT JOBS.

National President of new political party Lal Ji Singh says that “Central and State Governments mustn’t think to change Constitution of India or to bring new Legislation, only for sake of appeasement politics towards Dalits. Instead they must comply to fulfill judgment of Supreme Court of India and ensure equal opportunities to all, including Dalit communities.” He further requested the SC/ST communities “to forego misusing reservation, once it is used by SC/ST, so as other SC/ST can use same to get equal opportunities in education and jobs. This shall enhance creation of Merit across whole segment of the downtrodden those who can avail better opportunities.”

Supreme Court recently scrapped the reservation in promotions. On the 9th of February, 2017, India’s apex court had struck down consequential seniority in promotions awarded by government for SC/ST employees since 1978 and fixed a three-month period for demoting those promoted under the reserved category. Government employees under the general and OBC categories are thus happily awaiting promotions, which were due for past many years. However, pro-Dalit-reservation groups, are aggressively opposed to any such move against reservation in government promotions.

Earlier in March 2016 Supreme Court had ruled another landmark verdict, wherein the apex court on said that States were not constitutionally obliged to give preferential treatment to any community in promotion – therein the Bench of Justice Dipak Misra & Justice Prafulla C. Pant said that government was not bound by any constitutional provision to frame a policy for reservation in promotion and said that the apex court could not order making reservation in promotion mandatory. The Bench further said that Constitution of India granted discretionary power to Government for framing law on reservation in promotion and they could not be forced to bring regulation on this issue. “The courts do not formulate any policy, remains away from making anything that would amount to legislation, rules and regulation or policy relating to reservation. The courts can test the validity of the same when they are challenged. The court cannot direct for making legislation or for that matter any kind of subordinate legislation,” the bench said, while rejecting a PIL earlier in 2016.

As briefed by C.P. Singh, Core-committee’s Founder Member and Chief of Media Cell of Akhand Rashtrawadi Party, those who marked their presence on this issue at Jantar Mantar protest were its Founder National President Lal Ji Singh, National Vice President Jitendra Sharma, National General Secretary Ashok Sisodiya, Senior Vice President Ajit Singh, National Secretary Pankaj Singh, National Treasurer Avdesh Singh, National Organization Secretary Tej Pratap Singh, National Secretary Bhupendra Singh Vaishya, National Youth President Viru Singh, National Youth Secretary Ashish Solanki, Harveer Chohan and A.K. Singh, alongwith many supporters coming to New Delhi from across the urban and rural India, who support an equal-opportunity based strong India.

Few major political parties of India can afford to take a clear stand on issues like reservation, due to prevalence of Votebank politics based on appeasement of religious minorities and SC/ST and OBC communities in India. A modern India needs empowerment of downtrodden and inclusive growth and development of the poor from all regions, religions, castes, and communities, said C.P. Singh.  He stated that unless India becomes pro-merit it can’t gain status of becoming global superpower in 21st century, he further added and said that rural Farmers and urban Workers are the majority in India and all national state-policy must cater to their upliftment, which is not happening in India from last over 150 years, which keeps the national human resources underdeveloped and thus a minority of oligarchs/elites have grabbed major wealth of the nation (these elites fragment India’s society by misguided sponsoring of anti-India ‘Candlelight Vigilantes’), which is an alarming threat nationwide – a non-issue for India’s mainstream media elites which seeks revenues from these oligarchic handful of neo-Feudalist Corporates, who inturn work as puppets for their neo-Imperialist/neo-Colonialist MNC masters. He says his party is neither anti-minorities nor anti-dalit, they are all pro-India nationalists and work for an integrated Bharat-mata (Pan-Indiaism) – based on the ancientmost high principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (World is a Family).

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