Ghaziabad, May 28: The recent spate of crime across several districts of UP with Ghaziabad being no exception, has put issues pertaining to law & order into the limelight and the public and the media questioning the professionalism of the police force.

However, tucked away in a corner at sprawling Lohia Nagar, near Purana Bus Adda, Crime Branch of Ghaziabad Police has a different tale to tell and has been in the news for reasons for which the entire police force can be proud of—that of cracking several heinous cases of crime in the past few months and thereby making headlines in newspapers and electronic media.

But the success of the Crime Branch is not without any rhyme & reason. The Crime Branch is ably headed by no less an officer of the calibre of Suresh Chandra Belwal—having served in UP Police for long. Added to this, is special commando and related training that he has had—as he had served in Special Protection Group (SPG) looking after PM security—that makes him perhaps one of the best police officers today in entire UP.

“I was recruited into UP Police in 1982 and in 1985 was sent to SPG on deputation, where I remained for almost 13 years. As you know SPG is the elite unit of world—responsible for Prime Minister’s security—where very high level training, knowledge and discipline adds up as part of training culture,” said SC Belwal. After his stint in SPG he also served in different capacities as incharge of various police stations in Noida , Ghaziabad and West UP regions.

But it is as the Crime Branch Incharge—where a series of crimes have jolted Ghaziabad and neighbourhood—where his instincts developed as a result of grounding in commando training and SPG, is what bringing out results for the police force. As we visited him at his office, he was busy working out other cases with his men and took some time out for a chat. He said: “Working in Crime Branch is an adventurous and thrilling task as you have to have a knack for working out crime cases. This demands a mix of technical knowledge and detailed police training. Today we have to be conversant with a plethora of modern surveillance tools to break the backbone of crime syndicates. A number of cases of cyber frauds are being referred to us and being worked out by us.” He added, “As soon as a crime is committed under any Thana jurisdiction it automatically concerns us and on receiving instructions from superiors our team takes up specific cases.”

According to Belwal, “Working in Crime Branch also entails a degree of risk, as the cops usually are in plainclothes, hence not recognizable through uniforms. This can lead to misunderstandings and awkward situations. Besides, while snooping down on criminals or their hideouts there is always the risk of being shot at.”

Solving of cases by Gzb. Crime Branch team in 2017

A number of so called ‘blind cases’ alongwith others have been solved by SC Belwal and his team this year. Foremost of them are:

May 26 – Arrest of notorious gang of 4 car jackers from Delhi, who would not hesitate to use weapons/ violence to loot vehicles

May 9 – A blind murder of temple priest at Nasirpur Phatak in Sihani Gate was worked out

April 29- A theft case in which 1 kg gold and 9 lakh cash was stolen by 2 members of gang of thieves, who carried out thefts by using an ambulance. Herein, about 1.5 kgs gold was recovered along with silver

April 15 – A Meerut businessman was looted of 35 kgs silver and Rs 10,000 from near Meerut T-point in Ghaziabad. In this case, the accused was caught and 21 kgs of silver was recovered

April 4 –  Case concerning Regent Motors of Ghaziabad where a large vault of 300 kgs was made off, by at least a dozen thieves of a notorious gang from Muzzafarnagar. Later 2 members of the gang were apprehended by Crime Branch. Hunt is on for others

Jan-Feb – A spate of robbery cum theft cases in which attempt to murder were also made were solved by the Crime Branch in these months

S.C. Belwal, Incharge, Crime Branch







-Prasoon Pant




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