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While considering Vaastu remember that the north east is the direction for the natural energy to enter inside the house. Always keep this direction clean and cool to attract the good vibrations in the house.
As north east is the direction of water element and having a kitchen in this direction will creates most sever Vaastu defect.
Fire energy that created by having kitchen in north east blocks the natural energy to flow in the houseand instead of that, fire energy flows throughout the house. The food cooked in this north east direction may affect the health of inmates and may leads to sickness.

A kitchen in north east direction will spoils the good vibrations of Vaastu and creates lot of problems to the family some of them are enlisted below:

* The income so earned will get expend on needless expenses.
* Always one or other useless things will get occupied in the house and look dirty.
*  The offspring may weak in study. Even having hard work they could not get the desired results.
*  To bemarried girls and boys might not get married at proper time and the efforts for getting marriages can get difficulty without unknown reasons.
*  The health of earning members and the elderly persons may unstable, can increases expenses to the maximum.

North east Kitchen Remedies
These are few remedies to rectify the north east Kitchen Vaastu Dosh
* The out-most remedy is to shift the kitchen to the Southeast or Northwest direction of the house.
* If the total shifting is not possible due to reasons beyond the control, then at least try to shift the cooking gas stove in the south eastcorner of the present kitchen and keep north east corner neat and clean.
* Keep a table or any furniture in the south east direction room, as it may be bedroom or hall, with electric cooker or gas stove and boil milk or start cooking rice every day. This will create an alternate mini kitchen and strengthen the south east direction.

North East Kitchen Remedy (Red Bulb)
* Light a red color bulb in the south east throughout the night; this will generate mars energy in the wrongly placed kitchen
* Put Mangal Yantra (Mars Yantra) on the south east wall of the kitchen.
* Painting the walls of north east kitchen with blue color can be good remedy,which creates the water energy.

-By Puneet Sharmaa (astro_puneet@yahoo.in)


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