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Aries: A mixed period for Aries moon sign. Father’s health might be a cause of great concern, from 7th April as Saturn turns retrograde. Sun gets exalted up to 15th May aspecting 7th house, indicating temporary separation from spouse. Some conflict with in-laws. Comforts of the bed, good sleep and a high confidence level. Unable to save money.

Unhappiness regarding children till August 2017. Saturn’s aspect on 11th house will indicate fairly good income. Those eligible for marriage will marry someone who stays far away from their residence. Days to be careful 15th and 16th April as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a good phase.

Taurus: Taurus people are undergoing Ashtam Shani (Shani Dhaiya), 7 th April onwards- health problems to self and near and dear, in the family as Saturn turns retrograde. Mars entry on 13th April and exalted sun in 12th house, safeguard against health problems. Accident prone and chances of piles likely. Income should be good. Chances of foreign travel, local travel or pilgrimage possible. Auspicious activities like Pooja, Havana etc likely at home. Safeguard from 7th April till August 2017. Insomnia or sleep disorders continue to persist. Relationship with spouse and in-laws becomes bad. Take a break. Days to be careful 18th and 19th April as Chandrashtama shani. Overall a very bad phase.

Gemini: Constant quarrels with partners and spouse. Unhappiness and cold behaviour towards spouse/ partner. Likely to get a job if unemployed. Gains indicated and popular among friends. Your stomach may give you health problems. You may be cheated by a friend or those in love might face betrayal. You will be worried on account of your children and in particular daughter. Favours from government possible, earnings through speculation possible. Younger brother may bring trouble to you. Luxuries increase. Days to be careful 20th and 21st April as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a moderate phase.

Cancer: A very good period for cancer moon sign. Luxurious foreign/ domestic travels indicated. Lots of authority in job/ occupation. You will shine in your occupation. Enemies will trouble, be careful of conspiracies and secret enemies. Some disease of stomach, avoid spicy, oily food. Elders brother/sister will do well. Domestic servants might create problems. Bad phase for maternal side like maternal uncles or aunts. Trouble with in-laws likely. well. Days to be careful 22nd and 23rd April as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a good period for Cancerians.

Leo: A good period for moon Raashi Leos. Job expansion, & authority. Trouble to wife’s health, but good sleep. Some form of inheritance or gain through insurance, PF or dividends, bonus possible. Children’s health need great care and studies etc especially after 7th as Saturn turns retrograde. It could manifest in health or education of children. Financially a very good period. Days to be careful 25th and 26th April, as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a good period for Leo moon sign.

Virgo: Virgo is going through Ardh Ashtam Shani (Shani Dhaiya), so job change, leaving of job, transfer, punishment posting likely during this period, especially from 7th April. Trouble to mother’s health and frequent domestic quarrels and unhappiness from home. Poor standards of living. Do not get along with younger coborns. Lots of unnecessary wandering, and also trouble to maternal uncles and aunts. Days to be careful 27th and 28th April as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a bad phase.

Libra: Moon sign Libra has Mars in the 8th house and aspects 11th house, so gains from elder brothers or elders likely. Younger coborns will have problems, either financial or health and you will not get along well with them. At the same time due to the end of Sade-Sati your confidence levels will increase and your anxieties and stress will end. You will get sound sleep. Trouble to father’s health. Good period for consultants, advisors and teachers. Days to be careful 29th and 30th April as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a good period.

Scorpio: A little relief from Sade-Sati as the ending phase, but as Saturn turns retrograde again trouble from June end. Tooth pain and eyes might pain. Be careful of injuries to your eyes. If married you will not get along with In-laws and there will be a lot of destruction of wealth and no savings. Sun in 6th house gives you name, fame and popularity. Expansion in Job but with controversies not ruled out. Days to be careful 30th April as Chandrashtama Shani. Overall a moderate phase.

Saggitarius: A very bad time for moon in Sagittarius as your Sade-Sati Shani is at its peak. Health problems can crop up. Also trouble to near and dear ones, besides People suffering from health problems should take extra care. Don’t get along with your younger coborns. Eccentricity and headaches likely to increase. Frequent fights with your partner/spouse. His health may also suffer. You don’t like to move from your house. Children will shine. Overall a worst phase of your life.

Capricorn: Moon sign Capricorn is in the beginning phase of Sade-Sati Shani so some financial loss is indicated. Saturn being lord of Capricorn, Sade-Sati beginning should be moderate. You will be concerned about your children and their health as they might have problems. Sleep disorders likely. You will be disease free and your enemies will not be able to harm you. Overall a bad phase.

Aquarius: For Moon sign Aquarius people confidence will increase .You will become spiritual. You might purchase some immovable property like land/house or four wheeler. Your income will increase many fold, but see to it that it is clean as you are likely to have friends who have a criminal thought process and can spoil your thinking. Loss in speculation, so avoid speculation. You will purchase good clothes, jewellery and get sound sleep. Overall a good phase.

Pisces: You will be depressed at times, seeking divine intervention. Your relationship with your children and spouse will be good. People eligible for marriage might get married. Income will be good. You will be respected by your close and nearby people. Some throat problems might be there and problems in the feet, and stomach upsets because of medication. Job wise, earnings wise a good phase. Overall a good phase.

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