Ryan Mayur Vihar celebrations


Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar celebrated Yellow Day with great zeal in Montessori on April 13. The programme witnessed the revered vision of our Respected Chairman, Dr. A.F. Pinto, “Academics, Healthcare and Good Living, Leisure and recreation.” Children and teachers were dressed up in yellow clothes. The building was decorated with yellow coloured objects and decorative materials. Children were told about the king of fruits ‘ Mango’, its yellow colour and “Mango Party” was the highlight of the day. They relished eating it. Story Dramatization was also done in the classroom using yellow coloured props. They also brought sunflower to school and girls were beautifully dressed up with tiaras which were yellow in colour. Children were told to stay healthy by eating fruits like mango, banana. The day ended with lots of fun and memories.




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