Figuring out crime through fingerprint technique


DG (Prisons), Haryana, Yashpal Singhal inaugurated the Conference of Directors of Fingerprint Bureaux at Haryana Police Academy (HPA), Madhuban, Karnal, Haryana yesterday. The two-day conference is organised jointly by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and Haryana Police.

During the occasion, Yashpal Singhal acknowledged that conference is a forum to learn new technology, innovations and to build bridges with other experts. He emphasized the need for Research and Development, to develop new technology, remote query processing, so that this great science takes a leap forward than DNA. He said that Aadhaar may be linked for detecting dead bodies through finger print and help jail and judiciary through fingerprint identification. Singhal said that there is urgent need to amend Identification of Prisoners Act. He congratulated NCRB in implementing CCTNS project which will revolutionize police service to the nation.

Director, NCRB, Dr. Ish Kumar highlighted the importance of Fingerprints and said it was a foolproof, user friendly, cost effective identification tool. He said that Central Finger Print Bureau (CFPB) is a national repository having one million data but data from all States need to come for proper investigation. He also mentioned that Automatic Fingerprint Identity System (AFIS) is essential and requested all States to procure AFIS and get modernized. He said that Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) would link all organizations including Forensic Science Laboratories (FSLs). He said that till Identification of Prisoners Act is not amended, States can follow example of West Bengal and amend State laws.

In the Conference, representatives of 23 States/UTs, senior Police officers, research scholars and industry participated. Students from various Universities presented their research papers on latest developments in the field of Fingerprints and presentations on AFIS-CCTNS & Training, equipment and R&D, AMBIS and software named RUVIS were given by Maharashtra and Delhi Finger Print Bureau (FPB) and NCRB.



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