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What your stars say (Forecast from April 1 to April 7)

Aries A fairly good period for Aries moon sign. Long distance travel or short journeys are on the cards. Father’s health might be a cause of concern, especially after 7th April as Saturn turns retrograde. Your own health will improve. Comforts of the bed, good sleep and a high confidence level.Unhappiness regarding children till August 2017.Financially a very good period. Those eligible for marriage will marry someone who stays far away from their residence. Overall a very good phase.

Taurus Taurus people are undergoing Ashtam Shani (Shani Dhaiya), so extra precaution should be taken ones own health, parents,near and dear ones in the family. Income should be good. Chances of foreign travel,local travel or pilgrimage possible. Auspicious activities like Pooja, Havan etc likely at home. Safeguard from 7th April till August 2017.Insomnia or sleep disorders are likely due to stress. Take a break. Overall a bad phase.

Gemini Elder brothers, friends are helpful, but bad phase for younger co-borns living close by or in same country. Gemini’s might buy land/house or four wheeler. Gain from government indicated, especially those in government service or retired from government service. Quarrels with spouse will increase after 7th April.Spouse attitude will be cold.Father’s health might need extra care. Short journeys increase.Younger brother may bring trouble to you as luxuries increase. Overall a moderate phase.

Cancer A very good period for cancer moon sign.Luxurious foreign/domestic travels indicated.Lot of authority in job/occupation.Enemies will be destroyed,disease free lifestyle.Bad phase for maternal side like maternal uncles or aunts.Trouble with in laws likely.Younger and elder co-borns do well.Overall a golden period for Cancerians.

Leo A good period for moon Raashi Leo’s.Job expansion,but controversies and politics in workplace.A lot of rumours and back stabbing in work place,but you will overcome it.Children’s health a cause of concern especially after 7th as Saturn turn’s retrograde.It could manifest in health or education of Children..Financially a very good period.Consultants,Teachers do well in this period.Overall a good period for Leo moon sign.

Virgo Virgo is going through Ardh Ashtam Shani (Shani Dhaiya), so job change,leaving of job,transfer, punishment posting likely during this period.Accidents are also likely,so be careful.If you try hard chances of going abroad likely.Marriage is also on the card for those who are eligible.Speculation can yield good returns.Job change indicated especially after 7th April. Overall a mixed period.

Libra Moon sign Libra has Mars in the 7th house of partners/colleagues and those married in the house of spouse.So frequent arguments and fights likely.Try to keep your cool.Also old people B.P may rise,and head aces and sinus.At the same time due to the end of Sade-Sati a lingering problem may end and you may get a long term benefit.Confidence levels will increase and your anxieties and stress will end.You will get sound sleep.Trouble to father healthwise. Good period for consultants,advisors and teachers.Overall a good period.

Scorpio A little relief from Sade-Sati as the ending phase starts.Gains in job,but a lot of politics against you at the workplace.Your colleagues are jealous of you.Financially a good period,but expenses rise so does income.Sade-Sati keeps bringing trouble at times as it only end in 2019 Nov.Your children and wife do very well. Overall a mixed period.

Saggitarius A very bad time for moon in Saggitarius as your Sade-Sati is at its peak.Health problems can crop up.Also trouble to near and dear ones,besides self.Diabetic,B.P and people with any chronic disease should take extra care.Responsibilities and hardships increase.You will not get along with your partner and if married with your spouse. Overall a bad phase.

Capricorn Moon sign Capricorn is in the beginning phase of Sade-Sati Shani so some financial loss is indicated.Saturn being lord of Capricorn Sade-Sati beginning should be good and if Saturn is well placed extremely good.New projects on the cards, more responsibilities.Gains from foreigners and foreign lands.You make not get along well with your colleagues and partners in the work place. You will be disease free and your enemies will not be able to harm you. Overall a good phase.

Aquarius Moon sign Aquarius people confidence will increase .They will not get along with their colleagues/partners and if married with their spouse.They will have a windfall in their income as Saturn is placed in the house of gains. Married women may be likely to part ways with their husbands. Aquarians tend to become religious fanatics during this phase. It’s a great time for inflow of money and savings. Overall a good period.

Pisces Your health may suffer with moon in Pisces.Your relationship with your children and spouse will be good. People eligible for marriage might get married.Income will be good.Birth of a child possible.Job responsibilities will increase and you will have to put in hard work.Foot/Ankle accidents like sprain fracture are possible.Your maternal side will have problems,both maternal uncles and aunts and their families.Overall a moderate period.

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