March 24, 2017, Syndicate Bank,RDC, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad: Today a delegation of RWA Federation Ghaziabad met a few officers of the Syndicate Bank and enquired about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) they have taken so far. Asst Manager Arun Kumar from Syndicate Bank, Civil Court brought out that they have taken very many activities under CSR like putting up water coolers etc at the behest of the District Judge of Ghaziabad. The Delegation met the Zonal Dy Manager of the Syndicate Bank  Shri C Sridharan and requested him for application of CSR funds for activities like Drinking Water for Labour Addas, Welfare of the Families of the Shaheed Sipahees etc which he agreed to recommend it to their Head Quarter at Delhi.

Zonal Dy Manager C. Sridharan informed that though the Syndicate Bank is the Lead Bank for Ghaziabad but the CSR requests are to be made separately for each Bank.

The Chairman of the RWA Federation Ghaziabad Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi said that as per the companies Labour Act 2013 and schedule 7 amended from time to time, every Govt or Non Govt Institution, Business enterprise, Industrial House, Academic Institution or Bank will have to spare 2% of their profit under their Corporate Social Responsibility. The Banks in Ghaziabad send their CSR amount to their Head Quarter at Delhi while the profit they earned from Ghaziabad should be utilized for the welfare of Ghaziabad. Shri Soni Chattwal, Shri Mukesh Kumar, Shri N P Jain, Shri Yogesh Tyagi brought out that the traffic jam, the congestion, the crowd amplification and allied problems due to Banks are suffered by Ghaziabad and the CSR quotient is transferred to Delhi; this is not acceptable.

The Zonal Dy Manager of Lead Bank agreed with the argument and assured to recommend the proposals of RWA Federation to their HQ that 2% profit of Ghaziabad should be utilized under CSR in Ghaziabad.


(Press Release)


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