The local police as well as the new administration immediately needs to step up its efforts on a war footing if the law & order situation is to become better in Ghaziabad. In an incident yesterday, the details of which are emerging now, the Ghaziabad Police have busted an alleged sex racket at a couple of hotels in Bajariya, Old Ghaziabad. One of the hotels allegedly belonged to a local Samajwadi Party member. In the raid, the cops caught hold of more than 100 males and females who were found in objectionable manner.

Meanwhile, SSP Ghaziabad, Deepak Kumar told mediapersons that the details of the raid were not shared with the local police and it was a swift action. He also ordered shifting of the area DSP and several other cops as well as initiated an enquiry also. The Mahila Thana SO of Ghaziabad, Aarti Soni was also part of the raid.


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